Research Projects

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vircaribeThe Virtual Caribbean Library

The Virtual Caribbean Library (VCL) is a portal site hosted at Georgia Gwinnett College.  The library seeks to provide digital access to the disparate archival and contemporary collections of the Caribbean for researchers, students, and the general public.

smugglers-cutter1Lost Voices, Forgotten Voyages

A collaborative effort by faculty at three universities in Georgia and Puerto Rico,  our primary goal is to develop a digital archive expanding on previously published research challenging stereotypes of underrepresented groups in early Caribbean societies.

Irish Roots.jpgAn Uncomfortable Heritage: Irish Identity in the Caribbean

From the urban blight of Dublin’s streets, to the tropical beauty of Caribbean rain forests, and the horrors of island poverty, the stories of Irish peoples and their migrations from Ireland to the British West Indies represent a complicated socio-political period in English and Caribbean history. 

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