Leonardo da Vinci, Study of Hands, 1474.

Hands are interesting things.
Some reach down, some reach up,
Some reach out, some reach in,

Hands can clap, snap, flap, wrap, and trap.
We can also use them to rap, tap, and zap,
Put on our caps, and write on maps.
Or, have a mishap and break a strap.

Hands are everywhere – on clocks, in cards,
On handles, in handwriting, in handwork.
Going beforehand, or doing a handspring.
With our hands we do many things.

Hands can be confusing . . .

To pick something up,  we reach down.
To pull something out, we reach in.
If happy we give a back slap;
And when angry we give just a slap.

But my favorite hands are happy hands.
Busy hands that shake, write, carry, or build.
Loving Hands that stroke, pat, or hold.
Your hands, my hands, our hands.

– October 2018

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